Roger Taxi Tours – Antigua and Barbuda

About Us

Roger Taxi Tours is a family business, owned and operated.

Roger Taxi Tours is a second generation operation, originally started by Keith Roberts over 50 years ago.

Keith spent decades operating from the Anchorage Hotel. He was also a founding member of Antigua National Taxi Association (A.N.T.A.) to which Roger, Ronnie & Norvel are active members. Roger has served on the executive of A.N.T.A. and was Vice President for his last appointment, 2017 – 2019. He has over 35 years in the service and hospitality industry.

The services Roger Taxi Tours offers is PRIVATE, so customers are never grouped with people they do not know.

The Drivers

Our Training

Apart from our safe, friendly and reliable service, our lead drivers have received Emergency Response Training.

Roger has completed an Emergency First Response CPR & AED course and Jannel has an active Advanced EMT status.

Achievement: Book Mention

Roger Taxi Tours has achieved a lot over the years including being mentioned by the author, Stephanie DosSantos in her book Talin and the Tree.

We are also very grateful for the many positive reviews on Trip Advisor and countless referrals.

Quote from Talin and the Tree:

"Last, but definitely not least, to Mr. Roger Roberts, whose friendship and hospitality in Antigua, several times, were the wonderful seeds that planted Talin's story. I hope to return to the best island in the world to see you again! Bless you, my friend. *Literally*, without you, there would be no Talin and the Tree."

Stephanie DosSantos