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Back In Time – Half-day tour

1 Day

Step back in time with our “Back In Time – Half Day Tour” and immerse yourself in Antigua’s captivating history. Experience an era when sugar and rum reigned supreme, as you delve into the island’s colonial legacy and unravel its intriguing secrets.

Explore the remnants of British fortifications that once stood guard over this paradise. Step onto the historic grounds of Betty’s Hope, a 17th-century sugar plantation steeped in stories of the past. Uncover the mystery behind its name as you connect with the echoes of bygone days.

Marvel at the natural wonder of Devil’s Bridge, a masterpiece sculpted by time itself. Traverse charming villages and towns alongside our expert guide, who will breathe life into the heart of island living through tales and insights.

Indulge in relaxation with a delightful lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the authentic flavors of the region. Ponder the question of who first set foot on these shores, be it Columbus or another intrepid explorer, as you journey back to a time of exploration and awe.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to relive history and embrace Antigua’s heritage. Secure your spot for the “Back In Time – Half Day Tour” now, and let the past come alive before your eyes.

**Step into History: Private “Back in Time” Tour**

? **Trip Start Time:** 9:00 AM  

? **Departure:** Your Hotel/Resort/Location  

⏳ **Tour Length:** Approximately 4.5 Hours  

?‍?‍?‍? **Private Tour:** Tailored for all ages, move at your own pace – just you and your guide.

Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on our immersive “Back in Time” tour, a journey through Antigua’s captivating history. This exclusive private tour ensures you experience the past at your own tempo, accompanied by our seasoned guide. 

**Limited Availability:** Due to its immense popularity, availability is limited and spots are granted on a first-come basis. Secure your place by booking early and guarantee an unforgettable exploration of Antigua’s colonial legacy.

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Trip Start Time: 9:00 AM
Venture back in time when sugar, that sweet addictive stimulant was King and rum was the sauce of the day. Learn about Antigua’s colonial past. Visit old British fortifications. Explore a 7th-century sugar plantation call Betty’s Hope. Who was Betty? Marvel at this natural bridge, call Devil’s Bridge, carved by the hands of time. Why is it called Devil’ Bridge? Learn all this and more as you traverse through villages and towns with a knowledgable and experienced guide for a true reflection of Island Life. Relax, kickback and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. 
Who were the first inhabitants of Antigua? Was it Columbus? 
Book early to guarantee your spot.

Main attractions

  • Highlights
  • Fort James
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Betty’s Hope
  • St. John’s Antigua’s Capital
  • Halfmoon Bay