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Antigua Then & Now-Full Day Tour

1 Day

Embark on the “Antigua Then & Now” Full Day Adventure, a captivating journey that transports you to an era of sugary reign and rum’s embrace. Dive into Antigua’s colonial past and uncover its hidden gems.

Curious Minds:

• Unearth the explorer who truly discovered Antigua. Was it Columbus or another pioneer?

• Roam an 18th-century British Naval Dockyard, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

• Capture Antigua’s stunning vistas from Shirley’s Heights.

• Immerse yourself in the island’s rainforest, discovering its vivid life.

Your Moment to Unwind:

Relax, unwind, and savor the island’s marvels. Witness Antigua’s evolution from past to present, guided by our expert. Experience the island’s heritage and culture as time unfolds before you.

Trip Highlights

* Discover the enthralling history of sugar and rum trade in Antigua.

• Explore ancient British fortifications, echoes of a bygone era.

• Step into a 7th-century sugar plantation, connecting with the island’s origins.

• Marvel at the awe-inspiring Devil’s Bridge, a masterpiece of nature’s artistry.

• Unveil the secrets behind its name as we traverse quaint villages.

• Indulge in a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant, savoring regional flavors.

Trip Overview:

**Step into History: Private “Back in Time” Tour**

? **Trip Start Time:** 9:00 AM  

? **Departure:** Your Hotel/Resort/Location  

⏳ **Tour Length:** Approximately 4 Hours  

?‍?‍?‍? **Private Tour:** Tailored for all ages, move at your own pace – just you and your guide.

Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on our immersive “Antigua Then & Now” tour, a journey through Antigua’s captivating history. This exclusive private tour ensures you experience the past at your own tempo, accompanied by our seasoned guide. 

**Limited Availability:** Due to its immense popularity, availability is limited and spots are granted on a first-come basis. Secure your place by booking early and guarantee an unforgettable exploration of Antigua’s colonial legacy.


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